Vincent Kuit

Vincent Kuit

Over 25 years of legal experience

Vincent Kuit studied Dutch Law at Utrecht University, and has been working as a lawyer since 1992. He specialises in law of persons and family law, dealing with cases relating to divorce, ending of relationships, custody and access, maintenance, division of property, paternity, supervision and care, transgender issues, name change, adoption, and certification of documents. He is widely experienced in cross-border cases.

He also specialises in tenancy law. His cases concern disputes about rental agreements, including residential and commercial tenancy rights, lease terms and conditions, rental prices and payments, property maintenance, joint tenancies, subletting, Airbnb, marijuana plantations, lease termination and eviction. He also runs a general law practice.

‘We usually achieve the best result in consultation with the client. That way, the people themselves remain in charge of finding a solution and problems are less likely to reoccur,’ Kuit says.

Kuit specialises in finding alternative solutions for disputes. He is a qualified family mediator registered with the Dutch Centre for Conflict Management (Mediation federatie Nederland). He deals with cases where mediation can help resolve personal and business disputes, as well as cases between private individuals and a business or the government. Kuit is co-founder of a professional association called The Mediators (De Mediators) ( It organises meetings and workshops at its offices at Hoogte Kadijk 155, Amsterdam.

Kuit is a member of the Law of Persons and Family Law Working Group of the Association of Social Lawyers Netherlands (Vereniging Sociale Advocatuur Nederland, VSAN), the Association of Family and Juvenile Justice (Vereniging Familie en Jeugdrecht, FJR), the Mediators Federation Netherlands (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland, MfN), and the Mediators Association North-Holland (Vereniging Mediators Noord-Holland, VMNH).

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