Legal advice for expats

Working or studying in the Netherlands? Know your rights!

Hemony Lawyers specialises in legal advice for expats who are working or studying in the Netherlands. Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers with particular expertise in:

  • Immigration law (including residence and work permits)
  • Labour law (including social security benefits and pensions)
  • Tenancy law
  • Family law
  • Tax law

We know from our expat clients that you will have many different questions after moving to the Netherlands. And that finding information about expat rights and Dutch law can be challenging. That’s why Hemony Lawyers offers a one-stop shop for all legal issues faced by expats.

Expat Hour: every Tuesday

Hemony Lawyers welcomes expats to their free Expat Hour, every Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm. This legal advice clinic offers an opportunity to visit our offices, meet our lawyers and get specialist advice for your specific situation.

To ensure we provide you with the best possible support and connect you to the right lawyer, please let us know in advance what legal advice you need. Send an email to or call us on 020-6622931. We can also make an alternative time to meet if desired.

Did you know?

  • Dutch labour law offers a high degree of employee protection, both for locals and expats. In general, an employment contract cannot be terminated against the will of the employee unless the employer obtains permission from the court or a government agency called the ‘UWV’.
  • Most employees in the Netherlands, expats included, are entitled to state benefits after employment termination. Receiving state benefits will not usually affect your residence permit.
  • The Dutch government will reduce the maximum term of the so-called 30 per cent ruling from eight to five years from 1 January 2019. This applies to new and existing cases.
  • Thanks to new regulations, it has become much easier to set up a start-up company here, and for start-up entrepreneurs to obtain residence permits.
  • Most legal issues in family cases can be handled in the Netherlands if one of the parties lives here, regardless of their nationality.
  • In the Netherlands, fathers of children born outside marriage do not have automatic custody rights, even if they acknowledge the child. These rights must be arranged separately.
  • In the Netherlands, it is common for landlords to use real estate brokers or other agents to rent out their properties. These agents are not allowed to charge (prospective) tenants for their services. If she/he does, you can reclaim the money.
  • In general, a landlord cannot end a lease without lawful reason in the Netherlands.
  • If your residence permit expires and the situation in your country of origin is too dangerous to return home, you may qualify for asylum status in the Netherlands. For example, people from Yemen are currently eligible for asylum status.
  • Many expats are eligible for subsidised legal aid.
  • Mediation is a fast, low-cost and solution-oriented approach to resolve personal and business disputes.

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